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We were sad to see our buddy Nick D end his time on the George FM Breakfast, but we're loving the new crew responsible for getting us up in the morning! Clarke Gayford and Aroha Harawira haven't even been on the airwaves a month yet and already we don't know how we'd get through our brekky without them!

To celebrate this dynamic dawn duo on the George airwaves, we asked Clarke and Aroha a few of the tough questions. No, not really, we just decided to be nosey and ask a few things we really wanted to know! Have a read and get to know a little more about these two.

And don't forget to tune in to the George FM Breakfast weekdays 6am to 10am on 96.6 FM. Also 'Like' them on Facewbook here.


The best thing about working with Aroha is...

Her dancing in the studio, seriously sometimes she's up and into it before 6.30am!

The worst thing about working with Aroha is...

She knows way too much about music, it makes me look bad.

Your funniest memory of Aroha is...

...not suitable for print! But let’s just say we spent a large chunk of our 20s together, the stories I could tell...

Who is your celebrity 'free pass'?

Shavaughn Ruakere 

Who is your celebrity doppelganger? 

Anyone with too much hair, I've really let myself go lately.

What is your ultimate way to spend a Saturday?

20 metres underwater with a spear and a full breath of air at the Mokohinau Islands hunting Kingfish.

Fast food order of choice?

Ponsonby Food Court is always a cheap fast social good time.

What is your studio snack? What do you eat or drink in the studio each morning?

I'm usually just watching Aroha being far too organised eating her ridiculously healthy 'prepared the night before snacks'. The news reader Gracie Taylor also makes a mean cup of tea!

Favourite tune right now?

'Maker' (Mario Aureo Acoustic Sunday Sofa Edit) by Fink.

Favourite artist or DJ right now?

The George FM Weekend DJs. I'll just put the radio on on a Saturday morning and basically not turn it off, the diversity is incredible.

Best Snap Chat you've ever received? Who and what?

I'm too old and in too much of a relationship for that hoo-har, but Dan Aux showed me some dodgy screen grabs he's taken. 


The best thing about working with Clarke is...

He regularly brings me fresh fish he’s caught. Us Maori girls sure do like our kai moana.

The worst thing about working with Clarke is...

All he ever wants to talk about is catching fish.

Your funniest memory of Clarke is...

One Rhythm and Vines years ago, we were watching State of Mind playing in the wee small hours. Our friends hadn’t noticed that Clarke was missing from the group; that is until we saw him crawling across the stage wearing a horse mask. MC Twincam was mid-rap and got a hell of a fright when he looked down to see who was stroking his leg. That’s actually not the funniest memory I have, but the rest are unpublishable….

Who is your celebrity 'free pass'?

Well, I don’t need to ask anyone for a free pass, but if I did it’d be Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

Who is your celebrity doppelganger? 

I’ve been told that I look like actress Rashida Jones - whilst I don’t really see it, I ain’t mad at that. She’s a babe! Now, if only I was as funny as she is, I’d be totally ruling at life. 

What is your ultimate way to spend a Saturday?

I always like to kick off a Saturday with something healthy, so any other choices I make throughout the day are balanced by how I started it. I’d probably go for a run or do a dance class with a girlfriend, grab a healthy smoothie, then catch up for lunch and wines with friends, go for a bush walk & swim in Piha (weather permitting), then try a new restaurant in town before playing at mine and Dean Campbell’s Tyler St Garage club night 'Dance Yrself Clean'.

Fast food order of choice?

I love Thai House. The best Thai in Auckland!

What is your studio snack? What do you eat or drink in the studio each morning?

Clarke hassles me constantly about my breakfasts because they’re so healthy. Really, I think he’s just jealous. I usually have boiled eggs on toast with avocado. Or a homemade chia pudding made with almond milk, raw cacao, cinnamon, berries, walnuts and almonds.

Favourite tune right now?

'The Beat' (Kolombo remix) by Monk. 

Favourite artist or DJ right now?

I’ve been totally in love with Little Dragon for many years now, and am getting excited about their new album 'Nabuma Rubberband' which comes out in May.

Best Snap Chat you've ever received? Who and what?

If I used it, it would probably be something from Dan Aux as he’s the only person I know on Snap Chat. It potentially might be the worst Snap Chat I’d received also, knowing what Dan’s like.



Words by Steven Fernandez.

Our editor Tina recently paid a visit to one of the six purpose designed Crossroads vineyards in the Hawkes Bay. She’s been raving about it ever since and you’ll be able to read about her experience in the next issue of Remix magazine…

As you get ready for your Friday night wine, we thought we’d suggest a quality one. Crossroads wines are the exceptional result of experience and skill in the vineyard, carefully selected blocks of land that have been developed for each varietal to ensure every Crossroads wine presents the greatest expression of its specific variety.

Crossroads are responsible for hugely popular Milestone Series and Winemakers Collection, although it’s their signature secret blend Talisman that we recommend you must try. A Bordeaux style wine, Talisman is a unique embodiment of the very best the Crossroads’ Hawke’s Bay vineyards have to offer, a seamless interplay of different varietal flavours, which brings the palate to life, while supple, focused tannins frame the long finish.

Until Tina’s feature in our next issue of Remix, you can find out more about Crossroads and their vineyards here, or buy Talisman online here.


Ten years going strong, Semi-Permanent is back

As Semi-Permanent blows the candles out on ten years in New Zealand, it also prepares to blow attendees away with the strongest line up of creative speakers yet.

Again, Semi-Permanent will bring together a brilliantly eclectic selection of the most incredibly creative minds you might ever meet, and will put them up on the same stage over two exceptional days, Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd May 2014 at Aotea Centre.

"It's a unique opportunity to have your mind blown in a two-day timeframe and we're freaking excited about this years line-up. It cuts right across the areas of what's happening now around the world and in New Zealand and you'd be crazy to miss out," says organizer Simon Velvin

This year there are twenty speakers, from the very best in art, design, fashion, photography, architecture, engineering, film production and much more. New Zealand filmmaker Niki Caro and M/M (Paris) creative agency directors Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak are generating some serious buzz with their upcoming appearances. Here's who we're looking forward to seeing...

“I’m really keen to see Ian Wharton, creative director of AKQA. I am obsessed with apps, my phone is full of them and this guy has designed some of the most innovative and popular apps out there.”

- Tim Phin, Publisher

“I’m keen to listen in on Michael and Mathias of M/M, those guys have been leaders in fashion and art for years.”

- Tina Moore, Editor

“I’m looking forward to seeing Kayt Jones. I admired her work before I spoke with her, and then became more intrigued after our interview.”

- Steven Fernandez, Deputy Editor    

“Niki Caro – I think her films are beautifully raw and honest. She’s a Kiwi taking New Zealand filmmaking to the world, and that is certainly admirable.”

- Annabelle Rose, Art Director

Tickets to Semi- Permanent, still available here, include the unique Event Book and Tote bag. 

There are still spaces available in the masterclass workshops offered by Semi-Permanent for ticket holders. These are done on a first in, first served basis. 

This one with Golan Levin will be particularly useful for new media and computational design. Check out the details here.

Remember to read our interview with internationally renowned fashion photographer an Semi-Permanent speaker Kayt Jones in the new issue of Remix out now.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate birthday present, which Semi-Permanent is giving to you in the form of an incredible inspiring line-up.


New Wave on Rialto Channel just in time for cozy winter watching

Words by Steven Fernandez.

Our new issue might be packed full of the latest beauty buzz, but there’s no shortage of culture inspiration in there either. One of our favourite stories is an article about New Wave, a new Sunday night television slot coming to Rialto Channel, which celebrates the work of first time feature film directors from New Zealand and around the globe. Check out the full story on page 282 of our brand new issue!

Starting on Sunday 6th April at 8:30pm, Rialto New Wave will first look at the award winning film Shopping from Wellington filmmakers Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland.

Shopping debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013. It tells the story of Willie (Kevin Paulo), a half Samoan teenager who must protect his younger brother Solomon (Julian Dennison) from their volatile father Terry (Alistair Browning). When life at home becomes unbearable Willie must choose between leaving home and joining a new family, a bunch of petty criminals, or standing up to his father.

Then throughout April you’ll also be able to catch Girls creator Lena Dunham’s debut feature Tiny Furniture, an eccentric New York family drama starring her real-life mother and sister, and the feature length documentary SOMM, from American director Jason Wise, that follows four wine experts as they prepare to sit the Master Sommelier test. Rialto New Wave will also head to France for directing duo David and Stephane Foenkinos’ sweet and quirky romance Delicacy, starring Audrey Tautou.

Sound like a bit of you? Same! And just in time for the winter months when you’re ready to cozy up in front of the tele, Rialto Channel have got a seriously sweet deal for you. Subscribe during the month of April and you’ll get the first two months half price. Call 0800 759 759 to subscribe and catch Rialto New Wave when it starts this weekend.



Words by Steven Fernandez.

Have you ever sat back watching an entertainment television show and thought you could do a job as good as the presenter? Have you ever watched your favourite musicians being interviewed and thought about how cool it must be to sit in the presenter’s chair?

Well, there’s currently a space in that chair to fill and you can apply for the job. MTV is on the hunt for a fresh Kiwi face to join Aussie VJ, Kate Peck, as the face of the channel.

The successful candidate will join Kate at MTV HQ in Sydney and take part in all aspects of being an MTV VJ. From interviewing stars from around the world, attending red carpet events and blogging across the MTV platforms, the new MTV VJ will do it all and star on MTV, MTV Hits and MTV Classic on SKY as well as MTV, MTV Music and MTV Dance in Australia.

MTV has helped develop presenting careers for global superstars including Russell Brand, Ruby Rose, Alexa Chung, Darren McMullen and New Zealand’s own favourite, Jay Reeve.

MTV being MTV, the job application process is anything but traditional. No CVs, no references and no boardroom interviews for this one! Applicants are asked to follow @mtvnz on instagram and submit a video via Instagram with the hashtag #CONVINCEKATE before April 7th.

MTV will then select a shortlist with the top ten announced on April 30th. The finalists will then be flown to Auckland to meet with Kate and the MTV crew to partake in two days of crazy challenges.

Tasks from Ruby Rose’s VJ appointment included 100 shots in 100 minutes with Bam Margera and kissing strangers in the street. The top ten of this competition will fulfill a variety of MTV VJ tasks including recording MTV News, staging talent interviews and taking over the MTV social media accounts.

The winner will then be announced at a party in Auckland on Friday May 2nd.

Go on, get involved! You make enough outrageous selfie videos on your Instagram as it is, you may as well apply for a job on MTV while you’re at it.