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ISSUE # 81

Inside our latest edition you'll find a huge 304 pages of Autumn fashion, a bumper beauty section, plus exclusive interviews with pop sensation Sky Ferreira, DJ heavyweight David Guetta, Hollywood darling Ali Cobrin, rising star Kim Cesarion, legendary fashion photographer Kayt Jones and plenty of other cutting edge artists and designers making waves right now. It's a visual feast of the very best inspiring and creative photography and styling in New Zealand.

Pop star Sky Ferreira talks about her career, her childhood growing up with Michael Jackson, her thoughts on Lorde and her then-pending tour with Miley Cyrus. On Lorde: She’s very vocal, which I think is really cool, and she’s really smart. I don’t mean to say it like the other pop stars are dumb, but I think she’s very opinionated in an intelligent way. She actually has something to say, she’s cool about it and she’s a good example. Most 16 year olds want to be more like Lorde than some cookie-cutter Disney girl.”

Award-winning producer and DJ sensation David Guetta opens up in an exclusive interview about his celebrity friends, his favourite song, why he always wears leather jackets and that time Lorde called him gross. When asked about that, he said, I read that story in the paper a little while ago and I was confused, because I never asked her to do a song. I don’t know where that came from but these stories happen sometimes in the media. I think her song is great and she’s really talented.”

Actress Ali Cobrin talks about how she has broken through the young women and begun her ascent up the Hollywood hierarchy. On the ups and downs of being an actress, she says, “There’s no real trajectory. You go to med school, you become a doctor if you pass. You go to law school, you pass, you become a lawyer. You go to acting school and that doesn’t mean anything and then it’s kind of up to you to just keep going.”

Renowned fashion photographer Kayt Jones talks about her enviable career ahead of her upcoming visit to Kiwi shores for Semi-Permanent. When asked about the importance of casting, she said, I want to explore many different types of what is beautiful. What I respond to can be completely different to what someone else responds to. It’s like alchemy. You can’t understand what it is when you walk into a bar that makes you attracted to one person and not the other. It almost defies logic.”

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