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Correspondence from MOR 

Mimi Kelly is the artistic director/owner of Killer Hair, Newton. She’s an award-winning hair colourist and makeup artist. Every week Mimi will be doing what she does best... give her opinion.

I'm a true lover of anything with a history. I become enchanted with the idea of where its been and what its seen. Historical houses, Downton Abbey, vintage jewellery and old photographs. I'm into it all! So when I saw the new soap collection 'CORRESPONDENCE' from MOR I was delighted.

Triple milled, made from the purest ingredients and cruelty free, this 165gm bar for $19.95 is a richly scented trip down memory lane. With old world exotic fragrances such as Cyclamen Tuberose, Masala Tea, Kashmir Petals and Quince Persimmon to name but a few. MOR is a beauty brand that continuously delivers that bit more, from their luxury formulations to their exquisite packaging. 

CORROSPONDENCE takes us to a time when there were no emails and cellphones. When with much anticipation family news and more importantly letters from a lover came in neatly handwritten packages with delicate ink printed stamps and wax seals. Celebrating connection with all its traditional trimming. Ahhhh, the wonderful world of MOR. 


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