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Words by Chelsea Armitage.

We love Garth Badger. One of New Zealand’s most popular and inspiring young photographers has been a longtime friend of Remix, collaborating on some of our most beautiful photoshoots over the years. It’s been a wee while since we caught up with Garth since he’s had so much on the go.

However, we managed to stop him in his tracks to talk about his photoshoot with Lorde, his big plans for 2014 and his latest venture as photographer for the upcoming Bullet Heart Club production Daffodils.

How did 2013 end up for you? What were some of your highlights?

2013 was the best year of my career both personally and commercially. I shot for many great brands in both stills photography and video direction.  Highlights would have to be working with Nike, Saatchi & Saatchi, World, Remix and so many more. Shooting musicians like Lorde, Sol3MIO, and Jamie McDell was amazing. I was also able to define further goals for my personal work so watch this space!

Tell us more about how you got into photography as a career.

I came into photography in my mid twenties and chose not to study but instead moved to New York and interned with whoever I could. I then assisted for several years with top New Zealand photographers. The whole time I never stopped taking my own images.

You have taken a lot of young photographers under your wing over the years. Why is this?

I’m extremely thankful for the people who shared their knowledge with me as I progressed through the industry and really want to give back. I also really enjoy being around enthusiastic people and helping out a young photographer that has the motivation to make their passion a career is very rewarding. I think what our industry needs is more communication especially with the business side. 

What are your top tips for hopeful photographers to break into the industry?

- Shoot, shoot endlessly.

- Don’t be in a rush to shoot for clients until you are ready.

- Don’t show the world/post on the Internet everything you shoot. 

- Edit your images heavily; you don’t need twenty different angles of the same model in the same pose.

- Don’t undercut to get work; you will get a bad name and other photographers will ostracize you. You won’t make much money and won’t be able to afford awesome new cameras.

Your awesome photos of Lorde have had worldwide success. What was she like to work with?

She was amazing. At the time we shot she had no images of herself out anywhere and her management booked me to do the pictures that introduced her to the world. She was fantastic to work with, she really understood that the creative process has parallels between photography and music. Even then it was obvious she would go far, not that I could have predicted how far in just twelve months!

Who has been your favourite model to date? 

Model wise its Zippora Seven.

Your style is pretty distinct. What have you drawn inspiration on through the years?

Style is an interesting thing. You spend so much time trying to define a style and then once it starts to work out you spend all your time second guessing it. I think it’s evolving, at the moment I’m inspired by decay, strong confident females and shoot lunches that aren’t sushi. This will likely change next week.

How are you contributing to the upcoming Bullet Heart Club production Daffodils in March?

I shot the stills campaign and teaser video for the production. I’m also shooting visuals for during the play. 

You usually work more in the realm of fashion photography. What's it like doing something a bit different?

Fashion is actually less than half of what I do so I’m quite used to variation but it’s my first stage production. I’m enjoying the collaboration with all involved, it really feels like a project where we are all coming together to make something truly different and beautiful. Seriously, go see it!

What's coming up for you in 2014?

So much! We are working on a series of television commercials for an amazing new World campaign, I’m collaborating with artists and doing an exhibition of my personal work in the middle of the year. It’s been a long time coming but I’m excited about showing the world what I find most inspiring.

For more information on Garth Badger and his portfolio visit his official website here.

And Garth insists you have to go check out Daffodils, which runs from 13th March to 29th March at Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street, Auckland.

Tickets are between $30 and $35, which you can grab at either or on 09 309 9771.



Words by Flora Cheng.

The annual Grammy Awards in Hollywood is the most important night in music, recognising the greatest achievements in the industry over the last year… but more importantly it’s a chance for us to rate and berate our favorite musicians for what they decided to wear!

This year was extra special with our very own Lorde giving a seriously stellar performance for the world to see. New Zealand’s pop princess wore a floor-sweeping Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2014 gown with a high neckline that showed off the Neil Diamond necklace she had on. We are so in love with this young lady and her style that we rated her above our top five!

Apart from Lorde, here’s the Remix “who wore what” for the Grammy Awards 2014.

1. Beyoncé

Looking amazing and totally bootylicious in a cream lace gown with intricate embroidery by Michael Costello, Beyoncé showed us all once again that she is not only Queen B in music but in fashion as well. Who would have thought ten years down the track that Blue Ivy’s mum would continue to dominate? She is seriously something!

2. Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat swapped her usual boho-chic and channelled the powers of a sultry siren in peek-a-boo red Ezra Santoscomplete with low back detailing. One of our favorites!

3. John Legend

The king of cool wore a Gucci made-to-order navy one-button shawl lapel Marseille tuxedo with a white evening shirt and navy silk bowtie.

4. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis looked very sharp in a Mr Turk houndstooth suit and I swooned over Mackelmore’s delicious teal velour suit and cute bow tie. For thrift shop kings these guys sure scrub up well!

5. Taylor Swift

Still one of the brightest stars in the industry (and new best friends with miss Lorde), Taylor Swift sparkled in a stunning chain-link Gucci Premiere gown. Good thing Kanye wasn’t there to ruin this award show for her as well…




There's been a few changes to the Laneway line-up over the last few weeks. First Lorde was in, then she was out, then she was back in again... sort of. James Blake was also on the bill, then he was out because of a Grammy nomination... up against Lorde!

Fortunately the St Jerome's Laneway Festival crew have replaced acts with equally awesome ones and still have a seriously solid line-up for people heading along to Silo Park this coming Monday 27th January.

Now in it's tenth year as a leading Australasian festival, Laneway maintains it's reputation as one of the hottest gigs on the Aussie and Kiwi summer calendars, credited with bringing new and revered music to the forefront of local consciousness.

So basically it's a Big Day Out for indie kids.

2010 saw a relatively unknown band called Florence + the Machine headline the festival at it's previous home in Auckland's Britomart Square and... well... they're a pretty big deal now, aren't they?

So Laneway is upon us again and there's a solid line-up of epic acts - both big and small - to appeal to the massive crowd of kids dressed under the stunning Auckland sun in knitted cardigans! 

It seems like everyone is going this year and we certainly are... here's the top five acts we're keen to see and who we think you might like too!

See you down at Silo Park Monday 27th January. Check out the official website here for more information.


Clearly Haim was going to make our top five. These three sisters from Los Angeles, California had a massive 2013 with the release of their critically-acclaimed debut album Days Are Gone. Having played Glastonbury festival and being named as "ones to watch" by Rolling Stone magazine, we're keen to see Haim bring the goods. If you aren't already familiar, give their song "The Wire" a listen below.


Jamie XX, one half of English indie pop duo and our mates The xx, will perform a full set of new and unheard material - both original and remixed - in his first ever visit down under. Check out "Angels" from The xx album Coexist.


If you haven't heard of Cat Power then change that, fast. Real name Chan Marshall, this alternative American singer and actress has had a cult following for nearly twenty years and has kept coming back to Auckland to play for her loyal Kiwi fanbase. She's truly magical live and has a big backlog of tracks, but check out her song "The Greatest" from 2006.


We're absolutely obsessed with this American rap duo of EL-P and Killer Mike who have been touring with their beats for the last two years. They'll be bringing tracks they've produced together and written apart. You might recogise "A.D.I.D.A.S." by Killer Mike...


Last but not least, how could we forget one of the best things to come out of Australia since pretty much everything else they've stolen from us? The Presets have long been smashing their heavy electronic beats out across Bondi and clubs across the world, including a stint opening for Daft Punk. Their 2008 Apopcalypso sat at the top of the Australian ARIA music charts for a fair stint and no wonder because their tunes "My People" and "Talk That Talk" are ultimate summer anthems. Check out "My People" below...

Visit the official St Jerome's Laneway Festival website for more information.

Words by Steven Fernandez.




Love/Hate on Rialto Channel is our latest television addiction

Still feeling lost because Breaking Bad is over? Looking for another epic television show on par with The Sopranos, The Wire, Madmen, Homeland and Game of Thrones?

Same… we’ve been scouting around for an equally addictive replacement and think we might have found it! It’s called Love/Hate, and series three kicked off last week on Rialto Channel and is on Monday nights at 8.30pm.

Set in the criminal underworld of Dublin, Love/Hate follows the professional and personal lives of competing gangs.

If you loved The Sopranos then you will definitely be into this. Director David Caffrey shows the gritty reality of his characters’ volatile lives, capturing the drug addiction, squalor and violence of organised crime and the psychological effect it has on the families of those involved.

Series three begins with gangland boss Nidge (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) struggling to keep his gang under control. When one of his men is accidentally kneecapped, his right-hand man Darren (Robert Sheehan) can’t help but retaliate, beginning a series of events with horrific consequences for the rest of the gang.

Shot beautifully on HD digital cameras, Love/Hate makes you hold your breath at times, but thankfully Caffrey knows when to lighten the mood with a touch of humour, mostly at Nidge’s expense. Watching the struggle Nidge trying to retain both his power and his nerve is a reminder that maybe our family and work colleagues aren’t so bad after all.

Series three is now premiering 8.30pm Mondays on Rialto Channel. If you have SKY, get your first two months of Rialto Channel for half price when you join in January.

Words by Steven Fernandez.


Calling all budding fashion photographers & bloggers!

Is 2014 the year you have decided to finally do something about your dream of shooting beautiful fashion imagery? Maybe you've just finished uni or school and have a burning desire to get behind the lens and make a career of it. Or maybe you're already a photographer and want to branch out into fashion as well. If this sounds like you, then check out one or both of these workshops being run by our good friends at Kingsize Studios...

BLOG WORKSHOP ($135.00) Saturday 18th January, 10am - 4pm

For this one-off event we have invited the biggest names in the New Zealand Blogosphere to share their experiences and advice on what it takes to produce a World class blog.

Photographer Oliver Rose hosts:

Katherine Lowe - Katherine is Awesome Emma Gleason - Rag Pony / Glassons Aych - Aych Blog Danny, Mino, Chin & Alex - FOUREYES

The blog experts will discuss a range of relevant blog topics:

WHY BLOG? Blog history lesson - Best Blogs in the World - Opportunities for Bloggers - Learning / Experience - Fun + fame WHAT IS A BLOG? Finding your voice - What to blog about NUTS & BOLTS. Technical aspects - Wordpress / Blogger etc. platforms WRITING. Inspiration - Engaging readers - Creating a following PHOTOGRAPHY. What to shoot. Camera + equipment selection - Editing - Video content DESIGN / BRANDING. Creating a recognisable brand - Style + feel

Saturday 18th January 2014. Kingsize Studios, 27 Sackville Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 10am - 4pm. Please arrive at 9:30am for a 10am start. Refreshments and a light lunch included.


INTRODUCTION TO FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY ($155.00) Saturday 25th January, 10am - 4pm

Oliver Rose & Luke White host an intensive day covering the essentials for people starting out in fashion photography and for those generally wanting to take their photography to the next level. They will concentrate on the creative and technical components of a successful fashion shoot as well as the business aspect.

Including a live fashion shoot, they will discuss:

• Research • Preparation • Posing and working with inexperienced models • Manipulating natural light • Studio lighting • Camera technique • Styling, make-up, hair • Building + working with a team • Business If you're a graduate, a blogger, someone who is interested in building a career in fashion photography, a school leaver, or simply someone who loves fashion photography - this is an essential course.

Oliver Rose is a full time professional fashion photographer who shot his first paid job in 2010 while still studying. He now works with many of New Zealand's biggest fashion companies as well as regularly shooting fashion stories for magazines such as Remixand Black. Oliver's next step will be moving overseas in the first half of 2014.

Luke White is the head of education at Kingsize where he leads a variety of workshops on studio and location photography, flash lighting, film-making and more. He writes a regular piece on studio photography for D-Photo and an article on film-making for The Photographers Mail. Saturday 25th January 2014 Kingsize Studios, 27 Sackville Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 10am - 4pm. Please arrive at 9:30am for a 10am start. Refreshments and a light lunch included. This workshop is the perfect companion to the Blog Workshop on Saturday 18th January. Book both together for the very special rate of $269.

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