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Words by Steven Fernandez.

Sometimes it’s great to do something completely random, just to see how people will react. We often superglue $2 coins to the pavement outside the Remix office, just to watch the different ways people try to pick it up…

Stolen Rum took our little trick to a whole new level! Their recent STOLEN SOFAS Project involved inviting people in Miami, Sydney and Dunedin to steal 150 of their sofas. The idea was simple – people in each city were told a location and that there were sofas up for grabs, first in first served, no strings attached.

The Stolen Rum crew then sat back and watched the intriguing and innovative ways people around the world carted free sofas home. Pretty cool, huh?

Word spread quickly about STOLEN SOFAS. People turned up hours early to secure a spot in line. People used all available means to transport their sofas home. Some came prepared with vehicles while others braved it on foot. Even skateboards were used.

The Stolen Rum crew captured this awesome project on camera and they’ve just sent us the video of how it went down. Check it out below…

Then follow these guys online. Visit the official website here, ‘Like’ Stolen Rum on Facebook here and check out all the STOLEN SOFAS action on Instagram here and using the hashtags #stolenrum & #stolensofas & #thisisstolen


Pacifico brings Mexican street artist SANER to Auckland

Ask yourself, how many times have to been to a Mexican restaurant lately?

All things Mexican have exploded in our popular culture recently. Whether it’s architecture, fashion, homewares, design, art or food, Mexican culture, colour and style is on the rise, as Kiwis learn more about Mexico and its peoples.

So the timing was perfect for Mexican beer Pacifico to bring a truly authentic Mexican artist to New Zealand. Edgar SANER Flores is at the forefront of contemporary art in Mexico and around the world. He uses a mix of mediums to portray personal and social commentary.

All are bold, dynamic, comic, expressive, symbolic and use elements of Mexican popular traditions, such as heroes and demons in subtly subversive ways. As well as the exhibition, Saner painted a live art installation 17 metres up!

The Saner exhibition was brought together by Pacifico, a full flavoured, pilsner style Mexican beer. It’s clean, fresh and 4.4% ABV. Made from the choicest hops, barley, yeast and water from the springs of Mazatlan, it’s a smooth, outstanding, distinctive tasting beer. Pacifico is currently available either on Premise in restaurants nationwide, such as Mexico, and Off Premise in a 6-pack from stores such as Glengarry and Liquor King.

Watch the video below, then click here to visit Saner's website and here to check out the latest updates on his blog. Then visit Eventfinder here for information about his installation in Auckland.

Words by Steven Fernandez.





Inside our latest edition you'll find a huge 304 pages of Autumn fashion, a bumper beauty section, plus exclusive interviews with pop sensation Sky Ferreira, DJ heavyweight David Guetta, Hollywood darling Ali Cobrin, rising star Kim Cesarion, legendary fashion photographer Kayt Jones and plenty of other cutting edge artists and designers making waves right now. It's a visual feast of the very best inspiring and creative photography and styling in New Zealand.

Pop star Sky Ferreira talks about her career, her childhood growing up with Michael Jackson, her thoughts on Lorde and her then-pending tour with Miley Cyrus. On Lorde: She’s very vocal, which I think is really cool, and she’s really smart. I don’t mean to say it like the other pop stars are dumb, but I think she’s very opinionated in an intelligent way. She actually has something to say, she’s cool about it and she’s a good example. Most 16 year olds want to be more like Lorde than some cookie-cutter Disney girl.”

Award-winning producer and DJ sensation David Guetta opens up in an exclusive interview about his celebrity friends, his favourite song, why he always wears leather jackets and that time Lorde called him gross. When asked about that, he said, I read that story in the paper a little while ago and I was confused, because I never asked her to do a song. I don’t know where that came from but these stories happen sometimes in the media. I think her song is great and she’s really talented.”

Actress Ali Cobrin talks about how she has broken through the young women and begun her ascent up the Hollywood hierarchy. On the ups and downs of being an actress, she says, “There’s no real trajectory. You go to med school, you become a doctor if you pass. You go to law school, you pass, you become a lawyer. You go to acting school and that doesn’t mean anything and then it’s kind of up to you to just keep going.”

Renowned fashion photographer Kayt Jones talks about her enviable career ahead of her upcoming visit to Kiwi shores for Semi-Permanent. When asked about the importance of casting, she said, I want to explore many different types of what is beautiful. What I respond to can be completely different to what someone else responds to. It’s like alchemy. You can’t understand what it is when you walk into a bar that makes you attracted to one person and not the other. It almost defies logic.”

For your quarterly dose of the very best fashion, art, design and culture inspiration, pick up the latest issue of Remix magazine now from your local magazine store or supermarket, or subscribe here.


Bing, Harris & Co. keeping you warm this winter 

Dunedin knows all about the cold. Any Dunedin dweller can vouch for its chilly tendencies. So if there’s any winter collection we can trust to keep us cosy it would be that from Dunedin born clothing range Bing, Harris & Co.

This season they have got some seriously sweet statement pieces that will keep you warm in cooler conditions. All inspired by the brand’s 1858 New Zealand heritage, this new collection screams denim-wearing gold miner… in the best way possible!

For the guys, we love the varsity and puffer jackets with wool melton outers and heavy Dacron fillers for ultimate warmth. The Monte Cristo knit with the detachable hood is quite possibly the thickest, most snug knit you will find this season. 

For the girls, we love the signature denim jackets, sweaters, wool shirts and jeans that are both practical and cute.

Here are two of the campaign images for the wicked gear from Bing, Harris & Co. this season with their 2014 Autumn/Winter collection.

Then head down to one of the six New Zealand stores or online here to grab some yourself. Then keep up to date with the Bing, Harris & Co. crew on Facebook here.



It might not be Movember, when all facial hair care goes straight out the window, but we’re taking a look at the wackiest moustaches of the moment, because we’ve noticed a few newbies (and doozies) out there on dudes’ upper lips.

To celebrate the release of the new Schick Hydro 5 Groomer, which shaves, grooms, edges and hydrates throughout each shave, we’re also going to throw in a few tips, in case you want to try these looks out for yourself. When it comes to the tools for the job, you won’t need to look any further than the Schick Hydro 5 Groomer, which has a razor on one end and adjustable power trimmer on the other, eliminating the need for multiple attachments.

We’re giving one of these away for the next four weeks! So have a read of the Remix moustaches of the moment and enter your details here to be in to win. Alternatively check out the Schick Hydro 5 Groomer page on Facebook here for more information.


Also known as the handlebar, what more can be said about it really? It’s extreme and it’s certainly not one for a first-time mo grower. You need to be confident to rock this look and to tell the truth, it can look pretty cool on the right guy.

Here’s how: Shave around the area as per normal, keeping the rest of your face clean-shaven. The effect will be lost if you have other stubble. Then with your mo, brush it outwards in each direction, apply a fingertip of wax to each side, twist and shape. Don’t trim your moustache, no matter how tempting it is!



Beards are acceptable in the workplace nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you should stroll into the office looking like Santa after a night out! Some facial hair adds a touch of casual, but make sure you keep it professional by shaving the length and keeping the edges clean. 5mm in length of beard is a pretty good benchmark to go by!

Here’s how: The key here is controlling the length and keeping the edges clean. Shave regularly around the edge of the beard to create a defined boundary and shape. Then use a trim blade, like the adjustable trim comb on the Schick Hydro 5 Groomer, to achieve your desired length.



An oldie but a goodie, making a return in guys who have traditionally rolled with a bit of stubble. The baby face, also known as the clean shave, is interestingly one of the hardest looks to maintain. Especially around 5 o’clock, when some of the hairs creep back in a shadow, the baby face can look a little messy. The close shave is the trick on this baby!

Here’s how: To get that baby face look you need to roll with a close shave, slowly shaving the skin free of any hair. The Schick Hydro 5 Groomer comes armed with 5 Easyglide blades that reduce redness or irritation, but if you have sensitive skin, try applying some cold water afterwards.



This is definitely one of the most popular looks of the moment. More and more guys are rocking some intentional stubble, a 5 o’clock shadow to add a touch of rough. Fair enough too, it does look pretty rad. With the designer stubble you’re walking a fine line between the baby face and the corporate beard, having enough hair for a bit of edge, but not quite enough to consider it a beard.

Here’s how: You’ve got two options here. Either go for the baby face and then just let it grow, re-shaving when you want to go back to the beginning, or use the Power Trimmer on the Schick Hydro 5 Groomer at a much closer proximity to get the shortest beard possible, which acts as designer stubble.



Last but not least, the goatee. This one’s been around for a while, probably hanging off your dad’s chin, made it’s making a comeback in the form of smaller and neater goatees. Having a goatee isn’t an excuse to be lazy. To get the look you need to work at it by crafting the shape and keeping the areas around it cleanly shaven.

Here’s how: The shape is really up to you, although petite goatees seem to be the popular choice at the moment. Clean all the other hair and stubble off your face with a close shave, then shape your goatee and moustache (if you want to rock one as well) with some defined edges. Make sure you control the length too, it doesn’t look so great when these get too long!

And there you have it! Our top five Remix mos and the moment (and a few weird beards in there too). Any of these can look cool on any kind of guy, the key is doing it properly and committing to the look. Nothing will help you craft your facial artwork and rock it with confidence like the new Schick Hydro 5 Groomer, available in stores nationwide now. For more information visit the Facebook page here.

We’re giving one of these awesome Schick Hydro 5 Groomers away each week for the next four weeks! Simply enter your name and details here to be in to win. If you don’t win in one week, then try again the next!