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Acts of Disruption coming to NZ!

Converse's Acts of Disruption is coming to New Zealand for the first time this September. Local band Die!Die!Die! will be headlining the evening supported by No Aloha. You can grab a ticket and drinks on the evening for free, yes that's right.... FREE! But for a chance to secure tickets you need to RSVP here!

Acts of Disruption prides itself on hosting live bands at obscure locations, take Sydney's AoD event in May which hosted their event at the Callan Park Hospital for the insane, a recently closed down Mental Asylum. Check out the video here.

We'll be keeping you posted on the venue when it's announced. Expect the unexpected...


Snake Pit runway show

By Jessica Beresford

A trio of young designers nestled among high-end stores on High Street are making their runway debuts tomorrow. Named after the gallery it lies underneath, Snake Pit shop (aka Luck/House) holds a group of experimental designers each specialising in very different aesthetics. 

From the end of last year, Rosey Thomas, the brains behind the operation, has been breathing new life into the space where the old Paris Texas used to be. Her and her two colleagues have been given free reign to do creatively whatever they want, which certainly sits true with the clothes and space. 

Nymphets is the label from Rosey, and if her previous collections are anything to go by, the clothes on show will feature feminine pieces using a startling colour palette with an emphasis on shiny fabric.

These are in stark contrast to Steven Park’s 6x4, whose garments look as clean as they are structurally sound. His collection, inspired by an Elam project, focuses on how clothes can change the shape of the body. As a man of many talents, Steven also makes jewellery and accessories for the shop, and has also crafted shoes for his runway show.

Also inspired by clean lines, Anthea Hayley's label, Anthea, is inspired by a "country and western meets new Mexico" vibe, fit with collared shirts and sheer garments. She says her collections are motivated by what she wants to wear, reflecting her punk-meets-pretty look.

The group’s mission statement is clear: to not commercialise fashion, an ironic statement to where it lies in the CBD. The space does not seek financial gain, rather to showcase creative talent and passion. 

The combination of Rosey's theatrical girliness, Steven's structured garments and Anthea's country and western theme promises to make an interesting show appealling to the artistically inclined.

The show is at Snake Pit Gallery, High Street, 1st August at 7.15pm. Doors open at 7pm.

Images by Hongi Luo.


Game of Many Tweets

If you love Super Rugby and Twitter, you'll dig BNZgamechat, a website that will be pulling together tweets throughout the semi final and final matches of the Super Rugby from an unusual and fun combination of commentators. These commentators will be tweeting live along with the game, providing cheeky banter and insider info for you all to see.

Each of these commentators were selected for their unique connection to the game and the players, providing a twist on your usual rugby commentary.

The team includes:

Sara Tetro- Top rugby player agent, host of NZ's top model and former cheerleader. She knows her rugby.

Craig Innes- Ex-All Black who has seen it all and, like the rest of us, still doesn't get modern ruck rules.

Ric Salizzo- Former co-host of Sportscafe. The best journalist to fail journalism school and the best All Black never selected.

Hayley Holt- 'The Crowd Goes Wild' reporter, champion snowboarder and New Zealand's most recent Twitter addict.

Martin Devlin- Top sports broadcaster who still can't believe people pay him to talk about sport.

Join these guys tonight as their thumbs are blazing and fingers flying as they tweet away. The #BNZgamechat team will be tweeting 30 minutes prior to kickoff, throughout the game and 10 minutes post-match too. Check it out on or tune in via #bnzgamechat on Twitter.


The Caker, A Short Film



Be inspired this Spring by stationary and office gurus kikki.K as they release their new range HAPPY! Founder and Creative Director Kristina Karlsson created this gorgeous collection of every day home and organising tools to make sure that our days are filled with a little bit of happiness no matter how busy or stressful it may be. We thinking some 'Happy' stationary is going to come in handy at deadline! So colour yourself happy and treat yourself or a friend to this cute collection!

Coming to store August 20th 2012.